About us

Who We Are

BUCCS is a project consulting company that works hand in hand with local owners to help you get exactly the project you want at the best value possible. Leo Brown, BUCCS founder, has worked with hundreds of area subcontractors on projects ranging from small residential remodels to multi-million dollar commercial design-build projects. His vast network of construction professionals means that you get the best fit for your project based on a custom approach to your desired results. In addition to managing your project from professional personnel to detailed scheduling, BUCCS is also partnered with local mortgage professionals to explore your best options for financing your project.

Why We Do What We Do

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where memories are made, children are raised, pets are nurtured, and where you should feel the most relaxed and comfortable. BUCCS believes that by transforming your space you can transform your life. Whether the changes are dramatic or subtle, space transformation should always lead to better living. This ethic of adding both monetary value in added equity and intrinsic value in better living is the driving force behind all we do. 

Our mission is simple. We want to treat you the way we would want to be treated. We’re here to walk with you through your project from planning and design to a full completion as your consultant and partner in the process. And, while we help you stay on task, we will always allow you to take the time you need to feel confident that the decisions we make together are both the best for your space, the best for your budget, and, most importantly, the best for the way you live.

Our Process



The first step to any BUCCS’ project is a consultation. In this first meeting we’ll discuss your project, offer suggestions and advice, take measurements, photos, and videos and then begin the estimating process. In some cases we may need to schedule additional local pros to scope their area of the project and get a lay of the land. This is especially true of room additions where excavating equipment is needed. Additionally this is often in any case where framing into an existing structure is involved.

At the initial consultation we often put you in contact with our mortgage lending partners to begin the discussion about financing.


Estimate & Financing

Our lending partners will help you decide the best fit for your needs and get you one the way to getting prepared to have your project started. 

While you are working with our lending partners, we are busy putting the pieces of your project together and, like every professional general contractor, finding the best local professionals to do your job. We do floor plan design during this stage and, where applicable, provide 360-3D renderings of the transformation so you can see what your new space will look like. Once the estimate is complete we’ll schedule a second meeting to review the project in detail. 


Project Review & Agreement

After you have been approved for financing and the funds are made available we schedule a third meeting to review and sign the project agreement, schedule the project, & address any questions or changes that may have come up since our project review meeting. Changes happen often once the process begins and we will address these in detail just as we have every element of your project along the way.

Our commitment is to both your comfort and satisfaction and anything that needs to be addressed before the project starts is welcomed during this stage. Before your project starts we do all necessary permitting to ensure all of the work meets local building code standards.



Once the work begins you will have continued updates as to what to expect & when. It’s important that you know who to expect when and we strive to keep all of the project elements on schedule and every step on the schedule communicated explicitly. 

After the project is complete we schedule a final walkthrough of your project. If there is anything you are not 100% satisfied with we will ensure your concerns are addressed by a service professional as soon as possible. You will also receive a Certificate of Completion that attests your project is finished and offers a 12-month warranty of the work BUCCS put into the project.

Financing Made Easy

While BUCCS is not a financing company offering gimmicky high-interest in-house terms, we do partner with Movement Mortgage to give you the opportunity to work with experienced professionals in the mortgage industry. There are three primary vehicles to get your project paid for and whether it’s a refinance, and home equity line, or our most popular solution, a complete renovation loan, Mortgage professional, Angela Pointdexter with Movement Mortgage will get you moving toward the best fit for your project and financial needs. 

Reinvigorate Your Home Today

The BUCCS name is an acronym that stands for Brown United Complete Custom Services. And as our name says our goal is to be “United” with you on your goals and expectations. We are “Complete” with an end-in-mind mentality to guide you completely from start to finish. Everything we do is “Custom”. From our Amish built BUCCS Custom Cabinetry to the unique design elements that are distinctively yours, your project is your project and no two are exactly alike. And, finally, everything we do is centered on “Service”. Our commitment is to serve you, your needs, your goals, your budget and your schedule to the absolute best of our abilities. This is the BUCCS pledge, with us it’s all about you.